Heligo Charters Private Ltd.

Our Fleet

The company currently has a fleet of 3 x Bell 412, 4 x Dauphin AS 365 N3, 3 x AW 139 and 1 x H145 Helicopters operating offshore up to distances of 190NM, Deep Sea and is planning to further expand its fleet size.

3 X BELL 412

The Bell 412 is the daily workhorse that reliably performs in some of the most extreme climates around the world every day

The Bell 412 has the impeccable reputation of reliability in some of the most extreme climates



With its fast cruise speed and power margin, the AS365 N3 takes the Dauphin’s acclaimed performance to greater heights. 

3 X AW 139

With superior power ratings, cutting edge technology, and Class I performance capability, the new AW 139 offers much higher pay loads to the users over longer ranges, vis-à-vis other medium class machines.

1 x Airbus H145

Airbus’ H145 is the latest member of its 4-tonne-class twin-engine rotorcraft product range – with designed-in mission capability and flexibility, especially in high and hot operating conditions. Compact in size, this helicopter’s small footprint and large, flexible cabin makes it the aircraft of choice for a variety of missions. It provides latest technologies, like the advanced cockpit design with the most modern Human Machine Interface (HMI) and state-of-the-art Helionix® avionics, more powerful engines, an enhanced transmission system and a Fenestron® anti torque-device.