Flight Operations

Flight Operations

Heligo Flight Operations is a dynamic establishment with inherent ability to establish flying operations at any nominated base to support client requirement, whilst ensuring safety and statutory compliances.  HCPL provides Helicopter support services to some of the State Governments. Also under takes flights for VIP`s and Corporates.


HCPL Pilots comprise a crew of highly qualified aviators, trained at manufacturer’s facility abroad, with thousands of hours of experience in off-shore flying, averaging 6400 hours. The pilots are fully operational by day and night on the  Bell 412, Dauphin N3 Helicopters, AW 139 and Airbus H145, and are currently operating for State Governments and deep water contracts in the country. Heligo Charters boasts the unique distinction of operating four Medium types of helicopters for the On-shore and off-shore sector.

The entire team of HCPL Pilots have been trained at the manufacturer’s facility abroad or the manufacturer’s / Regulatory Authorities approved training establishments. Heligo Operations and Maintenance teams are CRM qualified. The pilots are also trained for HUET, Dangerous Goods handling, and are capable of operating IFR by day and night. All Pilots undergo Critical Emergencies and IF Training from DGCA approved TRTO`s. All licenses and currencies are kept up to date, and Continuity Training ensured to achieve safe and smooth operations


Heligo Charters Pvt. Ltd boasts 47,000 hours of accident free on–Shore and off-shore flying up to date, in support of all major Oil & Gas Companies, State Governments, Corporates.

Heligo Charters Pvt. Ltd ( HCPL ) is in the business of providing offshore helicopter services to the Oil & Gas industry in India. Formed & operated by a team of highly experienced aviation professionals.